Las Vegas; If You’re Thinking Epic For Your Stag Weekend.

Though there are some fantastic places for your stag weekend in the UK and Europe, it is had to imagine anything more extravagant than jetting off to Las Vegas.

Together with Monte Carlo, Las Vegas is the home of gambling and glitz and if you have the time and the money, it could offer you a stag party to remember.

There is no place on Earth like Las Vegas, there is so much to see and do; it is impossible to list it all. Obviously, there are plenty of casinos, but you can also take a helicopter tour over ‘The Strip’ or simply visit all the casinos, as many have attractions in them that you cannot really imagine until you are there. You can also enjoy roller coasters, shopping centres and many of the hotels, which are themed base. Egypt, New York and Star Trek are all themes that have been adopted in Las Vegas.

The nightlife is like nowhere else on the planet, so why not take in a show from someone as renowned as Elton John and then try your luck playing blackjack, If not blackjack, why not try your hand at poker before going for a meal and then a club or show. The city never sleeps and the activities you can try are never ending. The lights on ‘The Strip’ must be seen to be believed.

America likes its food and Las Vegas has an abundance of quality places to eat, while most hotels offer a buffet breakfast, which includes the typical full English or traditional American, with pancakes and syrup.

The whole concept of the stag weekend changes when you have it in Las Vegas.

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