Looking After Your Running Shoes

Starting any type of running activity requires a series of guidelines, particularly in choosing your running shoes. Once you have selected the best shoes and maintained them, you’ll surely be the proudest runner!

You can just buy sandals or flip flops when socialising at races. But it’s even better if you can purchase two pairs of new shoes, so that you can use them alternately. Remember also that even similar shoe models and materials might fit differently. Whenever your shoes get wet, just dry them under the sun. Stuff each shoe with an old newspaper for quick drying.

Before running, you should wear first your new shoes around your house for about a week to get you used to it. Choose a short run for testing your new running shoes and don’t hesitate returning home once you feel any blisters or hotspots. You should just use and wear your shoes for running.

For about six weeks up to three months before the race, try to avoid using your new shoes and allow them first to rest in a certain area. Prior to the competition, you have to be confident that your shoes are not going to blister or swell up.

Enjoy your running moments together with your running shoes, and bear in mind this saying, “Look after your shoes and they will look after you.”

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