Lunch Box Burn Out Solutions

Have you experienced running out of lunch box ideas for your kids, or for yourself, You might just have experienced the so-called Lunch Box Burn Out. Here are some great lunch box ideas, which I hope will spark some inspiration for you.

Use various kinds of bread, not just wholemeal. Having sandwiches everyday is boring, so experiment with focaccia, ciabatta rolls, little rolls, wraps, and baguettes. Top sandwich filling list includes goat’s cheese with lettuce, egg mayo and cress, and bacon and avocado. NEVER put any cucumber in sandwiches because it goes slimy.

In making sandwiches, always remember, “Two fillings are better than one.” For an unusual vegetable sandwich filling, slice big, flat mushrooms, shower with olive oil and sprinkle with herbs, and roast in an oven for 10-15 minutes until browned. The flavour is amazingly meaty and much better when the bread is slightly spread with pesto.

Other healthy sandwiches are Caesar wraps (chicken, bacon and salad, or chicken satay wraps); olive bread or sundried tomato bread filled with lettuce and ham, or even with just a chunk of cheese to eat alongside. In making sausage sandwiches, bake, boil or grill the sausages and blot with kitchen paper to eliminate excess fat. Put gherkins or mustard and salad.

If you do not like bread, try pots of sliced salad veggies and pots of pasta or rice salad. Serve a part of any pasta dish for supper. Kids often enjoy eating it cold next day for lunch.

Cold chicken casserole or any stewed dish must be packed with little ice packs, or stored in a refrigerator until lunch time.

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