Making Friends

If you have difficulty-making friends, it is easy to feel like you are all alone. Some people are graced with the confidence to talk to everyone and anyone. For others, it does not come so naturally. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to make friends as it really does involve putting yourself out there, which can be a daunting prospect, but you are sure to find that people like having you around.

If you are having difficulty making friends, you might need to think about why this might be. Are you shy, Do you struggle to talk to people you do not know, Do you keep yourself to yourself, These can all be reasons why it is difficult to build new friendships. Similarly, you may have moved to a new area or school and left all of your friendships behind. Starting over can be just as daunting as starting out.

You will probably have to push yourself out of your comfort zone to combat some of these issues. If there is a particular person that you would like to make friends with, try saying hi next time you see them. It should then be easier to strike up a conversation next time your paths cross. However, you may have no idea who you would like to befriend. It is usually easiest to build friendships with people who have the same interests or beliefs as us. Why not join a club or after school group, You never know whom you might meet. Also, do not give up if it does not work out straight away. Friendships are built over time.

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