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Making the decision to breed.

Every owner of a pedigree dog wonders at some point whether they should breed their dog. You will want to make the decision to breed fairly early while the dog is still young; it usually goes hand in hand with the decision to get your dog neutered. There may be other reasons why you might decide not to neuter your dog but the main reason is usually because you intend to breed.
Breeding a dog is not a soft option, as it requires commitment at all stages. So if you are just looking to make some money and your family pet seems like a good option, you should read on and reconsider. Unneutered dogs are much harder to look after because both sexes will have a tendency to wander, requiring you to make your property more secure, and exercising them can be trickier. Male dogs also will display other sexual behaviours like mounting (which can lead to ejaculation), aggression, and spraying (yes, that means peeing on everything). A female will show lots of interest in male dogs when she is in heat and will attract a fan club of every unneutered dog in the area.

All this doesn’t make for ideal pet behaviour. You also will have to find a suitable mate to breed with your dog, which if you have an unusual breed can mean long travelling times and less chance of success. Finally you’ll have to find homes for all those puppies.