Marriage and Divorce: What Every Ex-pat Bride Should Know and Do

Family is said to be the basic foundation of children’s growth. Parents, as supporters of their children, play the biggest responsibility in the family. Studies suggest that kids growing up with broken families are more likely to develop social, psychological, and other related problems. Nowadays, several marriages are damaged, which eventually leads to divorce, letting their children suffer the consequences.

One of the major issues after separation is financial support for the children. In most situations, kids are left with their mothers, whilst fathers are left with the obligation to finance their basic needs. In some cases where financial support seems lacking, mothers became discontented and tend to resort to legal proceedings. According to Solicitor/Attorney Rachel Baul, an ex-wife should first conduct personal investigations or employ the assistance of the CSA (Child Support Agency) to asses her ex-husband’s real income. After affirming her ex-husband’s inconformity, she should then file a case. In fact, there are specific laws governing these types of circumstances. This situation is just an example of the many ways that ex-wives can cope with their present situation.

Financial support is really a right of children from their father; however, certain circumstances provide obscurity on this issue. A particular ex-husband had reported to CSA about the possibility that his ‘child’ (to whom he gives financial support) might be another father’s son. CSA suggested a DNA testing to answer his doubts. Although he had been paying for the support of his ‘son’, he will not receive any reimbursement, even if the allegation is affirmed.

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