Massage in Thailand: The Garden Chiang Mai

The Garden Chiang Mai offers traditional Thai massage, nuat phaen boran, performed by therapists trained at certified Thai massage schools in Chiang Mai, as well as foot massage and oil massage.

A traditional Thai massage involves assisted yoga postures, stretching and deep compression for pain relief and to correct posture. Cost for the nuat phaen boran at The Garden Chiang Mai is 200 baht (£4) per hour, with a thorough massage lasting approximately 2 hours.

Foot massage in the garden, using reflexology and acupressure points relaxes and rejuvenates. The garden foot massage also includes back and neck work while the guests relax in the garden, for 150 baht (£3) per hour.

The luxurious oil massage at the Garden Chiang Mai relaxes away stress and strain with the client’s choice of jasmine, rose, or lemongrass oil. Oil massage is 350 baht (£7) per hour. A one-hour body scrub can be added to the oil massage treatment for an additional 200 baht (£4).

In addition to massage services, The Garden Chiang Mai has overnight accommodations at the guesthouse, cafe dining, a licensed bar, live music, free Internet, and wi-fi. On Sundays, the street outside the guesthouse is the site of an open-air market.

The Garden Chiang Mai is located at 139 Rachadamnorn Rd., T. Pra singh, Chiangmai 50200, Thailand. English-speaking phone line is +66( 0)84-8098768.