How to grab a bargain mattress online and in store!

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Buying a mattress is a significant investment and there is a lot to think about before anyone dives in and actually makes a purchase – how firm or soft should it be, what size is best, is it better to visit a store or go online? There is also the question of price because everyone wants the best deal with the highest quality product.

We’ll look at how to decide what kind of mattress is suitable for an individual’s sleeping position what kinds of mattress are available, and what to look out for when buying the best mattress in a sale.

The average life of a mattress is around 8 years and signs that it is past its best include finding dips in the middle of it, being able to see its springs, creaking and pinging during the night and waking up with aches and pains because it’s no longer giving the body the right support. Mattresses also accumulate germs and allergens over time, no matter how clean they and the bedding are kept and the absorption of mites, dead skin cells, perspiration and oil will also all make it heavier. Our bodies change, too, so the mattress we bought a few years ago may no longer be comfortable because we have gained or lost weight.

The way we sleep has a real impact on how we can work out what the best kind of mattress is for our needs and what the pressure points are on our bodies when we are asleep. People who sleep on their sides, for example are likely to go for the softer mattresses as they have more cushioning and allow the body to sink slightly into them. People who sleep on their backs, on the other hand will need a mattress to help maintain the right alignment of the spine with stronger support. For those with back issues a mattress that helps them keep a straight spine is a good idea – this could be either soft or firm depending on the amount of pressure they will put on the surface, and this also will vary depending on their weight.

Pocket spring mattresses are made up of individual springs which sit in their own pockets which support the body and help stop partners rolling into each other as a result. Memory foam mattresses have a layer on top of viscoelastic material which is temperature sensitive and also helps it change to suit the shape of the body. Latex mattresses keep their shape better than other types and are said to be more resilient in the long term.

Once the decision of the type of mattress is made, there is also the size to be taken into account. There are several sizes ranging from a twin or single mattress which is usually 75 inches long by 39 inches wide and a sensible choice for children to a Twin XL which is approximately 5 inches longer. Then there is the Full, or Double, which comes in at 53 inches wide and 75 inches long, followed by the Queen and 60 inches by 80 inches and the King, at 76 inches by 80.

When the customer is ready to find a bargain mattress in a sale, there are certain times of year when purchasing a cheaper mattress is easier than others. The industry usually rolls out its new products in June, so by the following May companies often want to get rid of their older models and there could be deals to be had. Holidays such as Memorial Day and the Fourth of July are also key times to buy the best mattresses. Waiting to find great online sales on days such as Cyber Monday and Black Friday is a good idea too. Overstock sales are also a great way to find a cheaper mattress and can be searched for online or asking local mattress shops to see if they are doing anything like this. Stores that are closing down are usually in a rush to sell everything they can so final sales are a good source for discounts, too. Before finally spending the money on that great deal in a mattress sale, double check everything as you normally would in a non-sale situation, such as whether there are trial periods or comfort guarantees, as well as shipping costs, or money back guarantees, too.

Buying the right mattress will take some time and effort and serious bargain hunters may need to bide their time until the right deal comes along, but it should be worth it in the end.

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