Modern kitchen lighting ideas

The kitchen has become the most important room in the house these days. The lighting should be just as important.

An important room

In today’s society, people are forced to spend less time with their family. When they do have a rare time or two together, it usually takes place in the kitchen. Therefore, your lighting should be aesthetic and functional. You need to incorporate both ambient and task lighting into your kitchen. This is a method known as layering and it will achieve positive results.

Different options

A kitchen should be equipped with bright and shadow-free light. Florescent tubes work particularly well for this type of light effect because of their large surface and high lumens per watt.

Ambient light is an overall light that fills in the shadows. It also reduces contrast and will light up vertical surfaces to give the space a brighter feel. You need ambient light for casual activities in your kitchen.

Helpful tips

A chandelier type light over the table would serve two purposes. First, it would give you that extra light you need for reading, playing cards or board games, and eating, of course. Second, it would add a touch of class to your family’s most important room.

Another useful light would be a small light bar above the sink. If the sink is under a cabinet unit, then the light bar should be placed under the cabinet at the back and be attached to the wall. If your sink is under a window, then the light bar should be attached to the ceiling above the window.

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