Most Popular Outdoor Activity in UK

During holidays and weekends, people want to engage in outdoor activities, for their fitness and health concerns, as well as for the enjoyment of being outdoors. For many people, being active is a means of relaxation and a perfect escape from busy workdays. Younger groups find walking to be very appealing and walking has become an important way for people to keep fit and enjoy their surroundings. In UK, rural visitors and tourists enjoy walking in populated towns, and city-dwellers enjoy the chance to get away from it all and walk in the countryside.

UK is an exceptional walking destination that offers easy access to rural areas, and wilderness areas as well. In UK, a person usually regards walking as an old-fashioned word but today, it is flavoured with the feeling of exercise and energy. Walking is the term used for hiking in the UK. The term used for walking in the countryside is rambling, and walking in mountainous areas is hillwalking. However, walking in the hills or mountains in the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District in Northern England is referred to as fellwalking. There are numerous excellent outdoor activities like road cycling, climbing and sailing, but walking remains the most popular. Walking is the simplest form of exercise that a person can enjoy. It continues to be the most popular pastime and form of recreation in the UK. Seventy-seven percent of adults in the UK consider walking something they do for pleasure and 62% perceive it as exercise. Another reason walking has become the most popular of all physical activities is that most everyone can do it.

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