Mountain Cur – Dog Breed Information and Pictures

An American hunting dog of some ancestry, the Mountain Cur was bred specifically for wild boar hunting in the mountains of HYPERLINK “” o “Kentucky” Kentucky, HYPERLINK “” o “Virginia” Virginia in the US. It is also a “treeing” breed that is used for hunting small game, such as raccoons.
Although the word, cur, has derogatory implications, its original meaning was simply a hunting dog of mixed ancestry. The Mountain Cur originated from pioneer dogs brought to America by the early settlers. They were used for both hunting and as guard dogs. They played an important part in American history as they were integral to the trading process upon which so many pioneer towns were founded.
The Mountain Cur was a common breed up until the 1940s, but, after World War II, its numbers were seriously depleted. Four dedicated individuals set about restoring the numbers, and, by the late 1950s, there was both a Mountain Cur Breeder’s Association and an established breed standard.
Over the years, the breed has become subdivided into many strains, each with its own stock association and breed standards. These include the Stephen Stock Mountain Cur Association (which registers only small black and white dogs) and the Tennessee Treeing Brindle Association (for brindle dogs).

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A medium-size breed with a stocky and muscular build, the dog is sometimes born bob-tailed. The coat is short and dense, and the commonest colours are black and brindle. It has drop ears and a broad square head. Despite its “pit bull” appearance, it is not a particularly aggressive breed but does require firm handling.

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