To diagnose narcolepsy your doctor shall investigate about you and your family’s medical history. Enquiries about your sleeping patterns and symptoms are analyzed.
Ruling out other conditions
To diagnose narcolepsy can be a tricky situation. The symptoms at times lead to epilepsy or anaemia. Narcolepsy initial occurs in teenagers, it can be misunderstood as ‘teenage behavior’ as you might sleep during class hours. The doctor performs many tests to diagnose the condition like; X-ray’s or a blood test.
Analyzing your sleep
You will subject to various analyses of your sleeping patterns, to confirm the condition of narcolepsy. Your Doctor shall refer to a specialists, who in will analyze your sleep in the below mentioned ways.
Epworth sleepiness scale
The Specialists shall give you a questionnaire called the Epworth sleepiness scale, which will determine situations that make you sleepy. Where in you need to fill in the likely situation wherein you fall asleep like while sitting, watching television, traveling in a car or reading etc. Your specialist then analysis and let you know whether it is normal or whether it’s an abnormal drowsy condition.
In this condition you will be required to stay over night at the facility center to determine your sleeping patterns. While sleeping in the night, parts of your body like the eyes, muscles, brain, and heart will be monitored by placing electrodes, this is attached to your chest for heart rate, edges of the eyelids, chin and scalp. To record the moments a video camera is also fixed. Once you are asleep, you’re breathing patterns, muscle and eye moments, functioning of the normal brain are analyzed by the specialist.
Multiple sleep latency test
This test is usually done after the Polysomnogram test. It determines to measure how long as well as how easily and quickly you to fall asleep in a day. If you have a narcolepsy condition, you will instantly fall asleep and go in the REM mode.

Narcolepsy has no cure, but there are numerous ways that you can control this condition to minimize the effect.
Sleep habits
Your doctor shall guide you with sleeping schedules which in turn will make your body get into brief naps spaced evenly. However possible you need to take a 10-15 minute nap especially after meals, when you can be drowsy. Bedtime routine should be followed strictly this help your body get into a routine.
You can make several changes in your lifestyle that can help you deal with narcolepsy. Few of them are; avoiding heavy meals, taking regular exercise, avoiding stressful situations. If your child is your child is suffering from Narcolepsy, you need to intimate his teachers and school.
Stimulants are medicines prescribed by doctor. Stimulants like dexamphetamine and modafinil are recommended for narcolepsy condition. This stimulates the nervous system and helps to keep you awake throughout the day. There can also be certain side effects of the same like; constipation, diarrhoea, nausea, dry mouth, dizziness, headache, irregular heart beat, nervousness. If you experience any of the side effects you need to contact your Doctor, who can provide an alternative.
Antidepressants can also be used to treat narcolepsy. As narcolepsy causes loss of muscle control, antidepressants can be used in such scenarios. This can also reduce hallucinations and temporary muscle paralysis while you wake up or asleep. This doesn’t reduce sleep attacks but can keep you awake and alert. Venlafaxine, fluoxetine and clomipramine are antidepressants that can treat narcolepsy. Antidepressants take few weeks before it starts working, hence it is important to continue its consumption.
Over-the-counter (OTC) medicines
Allergic and cold medicines can make you sleepy. If you have narcolepsy you are not advised to take them. You can consult your doctor who will advice you on a medication which will not put you to sleep.

You need to stop driving immediately whether it’s for work or pleasure if you suffer from narcolepsy. You also need to inform DVLA and cancel your license. You can reissue it once your symptoms are under control.
Narcolepsy does not cause any fatal health problems. It can make a severe impact on your life.
School and work
You find it difficult to concentrate in school and at work , As narcolepsy can make you feel drowsy in the day. Children find it hard to do their homework or keep up with their class mate. It is also necessary important to inform your friends and colleagues as they might misunderstand you as lethargic and lazy.
Drowsiness can cause low sex drive. Men can also experience impotence.
Emotional withdrawal
Narcolepsy can cause isolation, embarrassment and makes it difficult to socialize with people.

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