Nite Train-R Wet Call Bedwetting Alarm

Bedwetting or enuresis is the inability to control the flow of urine. Involuntary urination is a common problem for children. It happens when the enuretic is not triggered after his brain obtains the signal that the bladder will be emptied. The person who experiences bedwetting is usually in a deep sleep or is one of those who sleep all over the subconscious signals then pees in his sleep, right onto his pyjamas and bed sheets.

Studies show that one among every six children is affected by enuresis. It has been noted that treatment of bedwetting habits should begin during the early ages for a chance to self-cure the disease before the child grows old. Nite Train-R developed a device which trains deep sleepers to respond to the normal stimulus that his brain receives from the bladder which is called “Nite Train-R Wet Call Bedwetting Alarm.”

Nite Train-R Wet Call Bedwetting Alarm is a solid moisture-sensitive teaching device for the bed wetter. It is made up of a tiny plastic alarm package that is attached to the bedwetters’ shirt nearby the ear and a non-absorbent sensor pad put on over the genital which is put in place by a comfortable fitting shorts or underwear. The small plastic box contains an electronic alarm with a nine-volt battery. It also has a built-in control switch (high or low) for volume which provides a loud-toned or soft-toned alarm.

Nite Train-R Wet Call Bedwetting Alarm is better than other products in terms of efficiency and instant response which is triggered by just a few drops. It also assures effective delivery of sound and leads to heightened alertness and attention. It only consumes nine-volt batteries which are easily replaceable.

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