Nurse Registration for Contract Work in the UK

Any nurse educated and registered in a country outside the European Union must apply for registration to the Nursing and Midwifery Council. This is the regulatory body for nurses, midwives and specialist community public health nurses. The four recognised fields of practice for nurses in the UK are as follows:
Adult nursing
Mental health nursing
Learning disabilities nursing
Children’s nursing

All those trained as general nurses, should register with NMC in the area of ‘adult nursing’. Nurses can apply for registration from outside the UK and those who are accepted for must go to there to complete the Overseas Nursing Programme. There are about forty institutions approved for this training programme.

After completing the registration process, nurses are eligible to work in the UK, as long as they meet immigration requirements. The immigration of nurses to the UK is under the jurisdiction of Work Permits UK and you should apply to this body for a work permit application. Registered nurses, who hold this permit, can work with National Health Service or private hospitals, nursing homes and other medical entities. The UK recognises nurses as autonomous practitioners, responsible for maintaining a high level of competence. For additional information, go to HYPERLINK “”

Nurses requesting a Registration Application Pack from NMC must submit certified copies of the following:
Nursing Registration certificate
Passport (details page)
Birth certificate
Marriage, civil partnership or deed poll certificate (if last name differs from that on your birth certificate)
Candidate number and Score for International English Language Testing System

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