Obedience Training Part One

Most dog owners believe that obedience training is necessary to get the right kind of relationship between you and your dog. Obedience training will help you communicate with your dog. This means that your dog will know what is expected of him and you will know what to expect of your dog.

You will need to teach your dog how to relate to other dogs and animals, how to behave with people (especially children) as well as basic manners. Training your dog will help deal with behaviour such as unacceptable barking, jumping up, digging, chewing and running away.

When dogs aren’t trained many preventable problems can occur and untrained dogs are the major reason that people abandon their puppy or dog and it ends up in an animal shelter. An untrained dog can’t ever be part of your family and will end up spending much of his time tied up in the garden. As you can imagine this makes existing problems worse and causes a whole lot of new problems for you, your dog and even your neighbours. If you don’t train your dog, you will never feel safe to let your dog be around people, other animals or on the roads. Your dog will want to be near you and your family but his behaviour will mean that he will not be nice to be around. Why would you have a dog like that when with an investment of time and care, you can have a loving friend for life,