Oriental Bird Club

The Oriental Bird Club is one of the registered charities in the United Kingdom for birders and ornithologists who have interests in birds of the Oriental region.

More than 300 Oriental bird species are classified by Bird-Life International as endangered from forest destruction, hunting, trade, and wetland drainage. Protection of these species is repeatedly hampered by lack of knowledge. The Oriental Bird Club assists conservation effort in the Oriental region by promoting studies about birds and their natural habitats. Because of the benevolent support of the corporate sponsors and members, the Club’s conservation funds have now supported more than 250 projects in several oriental countries, which were predominantly managed by local people. Since 1984, there was over £200,000, which had been invested in conservation projects in the region.

The Oriental Bird Club objectives:

To support the interests and conservation of the wild birds of the Oriental region
To encourage the work of nature societies and regional birds
To gather and release information regarding Oriental birds.

The Oriental Bird Club is concerned about the regions bordered by:

The Wallacea line, Japan in the north, East Indonesia in the east, and Mongolia, Northeast Russia
The Indus River, Pakistan in the west until India and Southeast Asia
The Christmas Island and Lesser Sundas in the South.

These areas cover temperate and tropical forests, grasslands, and outstanding wetlands, providing habitat protection for more than 2,600 bird species, most of which are little known.

Since 1985, the Oriental Bird Club has published 2 bulletins in a year and a systematic journal, ‘Forktail’, for each year.

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