Ornithology Technique in Laboratory

The study of birds is called ornithology. Due to the special and interesting features of these animals, many scientists have specialised their research to learn about the habitats, species, ecological niches, and other related matters regarding birds. Scientists who specialise in ornithology are called ornithologists. To answer their specific questions and hypotheses, they often observe birds. They usually conduct their research in the field. However, there are particular aspects of ornithology, especially the physiological and behavioural aspects of birds, which need to be done in laboratories.

Ornithologists perform their experiments in laboratories because there are various instruments available to them. Some of the equipment that is present in these areas include mass spectroscopic and Emlen funnels. Mass spectroscopic is utilised by ornithologists to analyse the biological compositions of migrant birds to establish their origins. The Emlen funnel is a unique bird cage specially created to study the behaviour of birds, specifically their migratory instincts.

Aside from this equipment, there are other methods used to study birds that can be done in laboratories. The special abilities of birds like song learning and bird intelligence are studied in laboratories. Ornithologists specifically use dummy owls and dummy males to elicit these behaviours in birds. Ornithologists also perform specific methods to do their work more efficiently. To establish the connection between the expressions of genes and bird behaviour, scientists use proper candidate genes.

Different types of birds are studied to determine their biological and migrant behavioural differences. Nowadays, many bird species are becoming extinct. Studying their nature is a significant part of their preservation.

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