Pain management for bad backs

Your back is very much like your brain in that if one stops working, then so does your body. A healthy back is completely vital for everyday movement, which is why it is so important to look after it. Unfortunately, our bodies do not have the most efficient design. The back’s structure is not the best for lifting, carrying or even walking around on two legs. Back pain is almost inevitable for the majority of people in the world, so here are some tips to help you better manage any that you might experience.

Do not stop moving

Unless you are physically incapable of movement, you should attempt to go about your day as typically as you can. This is because lying down and not moving can cause your back to seize up. If this happens, then you will be bedridden for much longer, and your back may never be how it was before. Do not go over the top with your movements, but try to move as much as physically possible. In time, the pain in your back should begin to subside.

Go to a chiropractor

A chiropractor will be able to diagnose exactly what is wrong with your back. From there, if you are lucky, then he or she can adjust your back in a way that will alleviate some of the pain. If not, then the chiropractor can still give you some recommendations to ensure that you do not do any more damage and help nurse your back to full health.

Build up your muscles

Sometimes, having a bad back can be due to the fact that the surrounding muscles are not very strong. If your other muscles do not do their fair share while you are lifting something, then your back will have to withstand undue strain. This will cause damage, and while it may not show up while you are lifting, it can potentially lead to back pain at a later date. By making sure that you have developed muscles, especially the ones that support your back, you can more easily distribute any strain when lifting and look after your back to a greater degree. This will help a great deal in limiting the amount of pain that you could go through in the future.

Use ice and heat

Ice and heat will give your back a sufficient amount of pain relief because of the mechanisms that they trigger within your body. The heat will relax your muscles, help reduce stress on your back and decrease your pain levels. The ice will cause your body to release proteins which will speed up your recovery process. Alternating between the two will help your body to quickly switch between both modes of recovery and increase the level of pain relief that you can get from ice and heat. This will help you start your day when you first get up and soothe your back as you go to bed at night.