Planning Your Wedding Flowers

If you have recently become engaged, you are probably basking in the happiness and anticipation of your upcoming marriage. However, now is not the time to sit on your laurels! You should start the planning process well ahead of time. When it comes to your flowers, planning ahead can pay off.

The first thing you need to do is get a good idea of what you like. Many brides keep a scrapbook of ideas and pictures that they like. This may be actual flowers or bouquets that inspire you or pictures and clippings that evoke a particular mood or style. At this point in the process, anything goes. Later, you can start to organise your design board and narrow down the options.

The next thing to do is choose your florist. Make sure that you have a good idea of what your budget for flowers is before embarking on the search. Your florist will need to know the specific details well in advance in order to determine her personal schedule, so make sure that you have selected a fairly firm date for your wedding day. Once you have found the florist that is a good fit for you, you can actually start to discuss the details of the arrangements and styles that you like. Most experts suggest that you begin this process 6-9 months before the actual day.

Finally, you will want to visit your chosen venue, paying attention to the furnishings and details. While you may lean towards a modern look, if your reception location features baroque and brocade, you will need to rethink the plan. Take pictures of focal points and bring them to your florist. This will help in planning the final floral presentation.

Following this timeline should leave plenty of time to accomplish the tasks involved in preparing the flowers for your wedding. It will also ensure that the little hiccups don’t become alarming, as there will be plenty of time to make adjustments.

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