Proper Running Clothes for Beginners

Running is an endurance sport that more often than not takes place on a track in hot weather. When it comes to clothing, it is important for runners, especially beginners, to choose proper clothing for their own good and comfort.

Running clothes start from the shoes. It is very important to choose a proper, good pair of running shoes that suit your feet. Avoid wearing old and unfit running shoes because they may cause discomfort and injury.

Next is the top clothing. Choose clothes that make you feel comfortable and match the weather, like a loose shirt. Dry-fit, air-cool and sweat-guard shirts with comfortable fit are also advisable since they have fabrics best suited to hot weather. Wearing a long-sleeve shirt and/or jacket on the upper body, with a thermal hat on your head may help your body to keep warm while performing your running exercise during the cold weather. For women, it is advisable to wear good quality sports bras, which are good to replace after 72 washes.

For the accessories, avoid using 100-percent cotton socks for this may result in blisters. Use synthetic-blend running socks instead. You may also use loose jogging pants or shorts for an easy and free running experience. For men, it is important to wear undershorts like boxers or cycling shorts. Most importantly, wear little clothing, for you will be running a long distance. You don’t need to over-style because it will make you feel uncomfortable while running.

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