Proper Running Techniques

In theory, you can just get out there and go for a run, without giving it much thought. But if you struggle with running, or you don’t feel right doing it, it’s worth paying attention to your posture and technique. Thus, here are certain tips for the correction of your running form.

When you run, you have to look forward. While running, make sure that your head is positioned on the top of your spine. Never look downward or even bend forward; it may result in injury. Your head weighs at least 13 pounds, so in order to keep your body erect, just keep your jaw and face relaxed.

Just stay loose; your shoulders should be kept loose and relaxed. Creating tension by tightening and shrugging your neck and shoulders wastes energy and consumes your energy too quickly.

You need to stretch yourself to full height with no tension from your torso. This allows you to breathe maximally and place your body towards moving forward in an optimal biomechanical position. Accordingly, your hips will be close to your body’s gravity centre and will be in accurate alignment once your head and torso are aligned.

Maintain your knees low so that your ankles will help you increase your speed. Then, just feel your calf muscles and ankles work as you step forward, while your arms stay closer to your body. Swing them back and forth but not across to your body’s middle. Your elbows should be bent and relaxed at a 90-degree angle with your hands cupped.

While running, lift up your chest, breathe deeply and exhale fully, keeping focus on your torso, shoulders and neck, and working on a relaxed body posture.

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