Quickfire Training Session for the Rain

Quickfire training session for the rain is a quick session on a rainy day or on a damp road for amateur road runners. This may serve as a good exercise daily; however, our body also needs time to recuperate. That’s why running is recommended three to four times a week. To jumpstart the session, it is advisable to have a good pair of running shoes because the road is slippery when it is damp or wet. The landmark or space for this activity should be enough for the 15-minute run. Now, all is set for the quick training session.

First, do some stretching as you warm-up indoors to gradually condition the body and the heart rate. This should be done especially by unfit individuals. It is recommended that they consult their doctors first before starting any exercise or training programme like this. Research shows that proper warm-up improves muscle efficiency and prevents muscle tears and strains.

Second, choose a landmark for a 15-minute run and assign a starting point and a goal. Third, run as fast as you can from the starting point to the goal then stop when 15 minutes have elapsed, even if you have not reached the goal. Then turn around and run back to the starting point faster than the first run. Repeat this process and attempt going farther than you did at your previous run. Last but not least, it is very important to ‘cool down’ by walking for a couple of minutes or by walking back home. As soon as you get home, repeat the stretching done during the warm-up.

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