Recommended Daily Allowance also known as RDA.
Vitamin A
RDA in UK for men is 0.7 mg & women is 0.6mg. Improves eye sight and immune system. Present in Cheese, liver, oily fish & eggs.
Vitamin B6
RDA in UK for men is 1.4 mg, women is 1.2 mg. This converts food into energy. Present in Peanuts, whole cereal and poultry.
Vitamin B12
RDA in UK is 0.0015 mg. Improves nervous systems, converts food to energy. Present in salmon, mat, eggs and cheese.
Vitamin C
RDA in UK is 40 mg. Improves absorption of iron from food. Present in peppers, broccoli, cabbage and oranges.
Vitamin D
RDA in UK is 0.01mg and is not advisable for pregnant women or breastfeeding women or individuals who do not venture out. This is not for people whose lifestyle is normal. Very good supplement to your bones and teeth. Present in eggs and oily fish.
RDA in UK is 700 mg. Present in Cabbage, broccoli, cheese and milk. Essential for teeth, blood, muscles and bones.
Folic acid
RDA in UK is 0.2 mg. Pregnant women RDA is 0.4 mg. Essential for producing Red Blood cells and avoiding any defects during birth. Present in Brown rice, sprouts, brussels, peas and broccoli.
RDA in UK for men is 8.7 mg & for women is 14.8 mg. Necessary in producing Red blood cells. Present in watercress, beans, whole grains and meat.

RDA in UK is 300 mg for men, women for 270 mg. Essential for converting food to energy. Present in bread, nuts and spinach.
Vitamin B3
RDA in UK is 17 mg & 13 mg for men and women respectively. It is quite essential for digestive system, converting food into energy and nervous system.
RDA in UK is 3500 mg. Help reduces blood pressure and maintain good balance of fluids. Present in seeds, nuts, vegetables and bananas.
Vitamin B2
RDA in UK is 1.3 mg & 1.1 mg for men & women respectively. It is quite essential for eyesight, skin, producing red blood cells and nervous system. Present in milk, eggs, rice and mushrooms.
Vitamin B1
RDA in UK is 1 mg & 0.8 mg for men & women respectively. It is quite essential for converting food to energy. Present in cheese, milk, pork, peas and vegetables.

RDA in UK is 5.5 to 9.5& 4 to 7 mg for men & women respectively. It is very effective for healing wounds and producing new cells. Present n wheat gram, shellfish, meat, milk and cheese.
Everybody in UK are advised to eat five portions of vegetables and fruits each day.
More half of your weight is water retention, which needs to be relieved by urination, and sweating. You should make sure that you drink at least 1.2 ltrs of water everyday. This can include Tea, coffee, milk squash and fruit juices. During summer more water should be consumed. Dehydration can cause if the body is not supplied with enough of water and can lead to tiredness and headache.

Daily diet should be balanced and have variety of rich foods. At times sufficient amount of vitamins are given to you due to medical reasons, this can be an advantageous for you. If multivitamins are consumed you should take it in right doses and also for the prescribed intervals.

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