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Record your favourite shows: watch cable TV channels at your leisure

Times have changed very rapidly in recent years when it comes to watching cable TV. No longer are we slaves to the inflexible and unmovable programming schedules of the terrestrial TV networks. Cable TV has now very much entered the on demand era, and now scheduling decisions are placed firmly in the hands of the viewer. As such, it is now easier than ever to watch your favourite cable TV channels online and entirely at your leisure.

The benefits of cable TV on demand?

Recording your favourite cable TV shows and watching them later truly is one of modern life’s greatest pleasure. Whether you space them out over the course of a week, or binge them in one late night marathon session, the freedom to consume media when and where it suits you is liberating. You can even put your cable TV show of choice of any number of mobile devices so you can watch it on the go for full portability. With that said, here are some of the best options for recording your favourite cable TV shows and watching them at your leisure.

Netflix offline mode

Although getting its start as a streaming-only service, Netflix has recently received an update which allows you to download your favourite cable TV shows so you can watch them when you go offline. This feature is available on a range of devices so long as the official Netflix app is installed and updated. There are limits to this, however, and uses should be careful to note any restrictions on certain content before attempting to download them. Suitable content will have a small symbol located on the screen which will allow you to store them as an offline download. Users can store up to a maximum of 100 titles on any device at any given time, and downloads must be watched within 7 days or they will expire. The offline mode in Netflix is a particularly good option for both the range of compatible devices, and the ease at which you can store your favourite shows offline.

PC TV options

If you have a cable TV tuner at home and wish to watch cable TV online on your home computer, there are a range of hardware and software options available. A PC TV software will connect to your DVR through a local network and allow you to record content to a hard-drive of cloud storage solution for watching at a later time. This allows you to watch cable TV online as well as offline.

USB TV Tuners

Another option to record your favourite shows for watching later comes in the form of USB TV tuners. These small devices are plugged into your computer and convert a TV single from your cable TV connection which can be stored on your computers hard-drive. Once converted, these files can be played on demand as well as stored on any number of compatible devices.