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Roll-up Knitting Needle Case

A roll-up knitting needle case is a simple sewing activity project and a nice means of storing a bunch of needles in a single compact place. It has 24 pocket areas for needles of various lengths, rolls up easily and closely ties with a lengthy coordinating ribbon.

These are the supplies you need to gather beforehand: 1. two pieces of coordinating fabric (17 inches long and 25 inches wide); 2. another two pieces of fabric (one 8 inches tall and 25 inches wide, the other 11 inches tall and 25 inches wide); 3. coordinating thread; 4. a yard of coordinating ribbon; 5. an ironing board, pins, sewing machine and an iron.

First, cut the fabric into size and press if necessary. Next, sew the upper edges of the pocket fabric, make sure the seam remains double-folded. You should sew closer to the edge so it will catch all fabric layers. If all pieces are already connected to one another, use pins to mark the bottom edge spot at about every two inches. This should guide you when stitching the individual pocket. You can also stitch the bottom line up to the piece for it to become more stable. You can create this by all means you want; you can use creative or decorative stitching. Shorter pockets fit for short needles (10-inch), while the bigger pockets suit 14-inch needles. If you want, you can make your short pocket smaller for easy access to shorter needles. You can even add another pocket (third one) if allowed by your sewing machine.

Complete your finished work with a ribbon for support and decoration. It’s now done!