Running in the Wind

Running with 20 mph winds can be quite annoying. It will improve your running exercise, however. The wind can drive you to run forward and increase your normal running speed. Trainers call this “resistance running”, which increases running stamina and improves running skills.

Before you start, remember that the wind can make you a stronger runner. Headwinds of 20 mph can consume up to 20% of the energy in your body, though, so do not force yourself to run when you do not have enough energy to do the exercise. Try to run in the wind at least once a week and make it a habit. You can make use of the wind as weight resistance and a training challenge to increase your speed. Though you lose a lot of energy running in the wind, you will be challenged to run faster and move like a professional runner. It is also advisable to run in the wind when going out, and running against it when you are heading home. This is one of the best training techniques to help you run for another extra mile with those tired legs. You should run just like a cyclist and wear tight clothing, such as snug singlet and compression shorts. Use clear sports sunglasses to stop dust and debris from getting into your eyes.

With these practical tips, you do not have to worry about missing out on your daily running exercise because of stormy weather.

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