Running with a Buddy

For some people, running is a solitary endeavour, but having a buddy would be of great help. Studies reveal that those who are exercising are more likely to stick with it if they have a partner or if they belong to a group.

Running with a buddy may help a person take on this project seriously. There are several advantages to doing it with a friend. Firstly, you can conduct a conversation with your buddy, which makes the time pass by so quickly, that you have no time to ponder about family or work-related concerns. Secondly, when you are feeling tired, your buddy can give you the motivation to continue. Finally, in case you get injured, your buddy can offer help.

When selecting a running partner, consider first one’s abilities. A beginner should not pick an expert marathon runner. Choosing someone who is more experienced could give you more motivation to improve but there is a danger of overstraining yourself. There are also Web sites that can provide guidance in searching for a running partner if one does not know anyone who can be a good companion. The job of the running buddy is to encourage the other person to meet the desired distance that the latter is aiming for. During tough times, the buddy will be there to praise one’s effort, but not to criticise the outcome.

The idea of a running buddy is not only limited to choosing a person, it also includes a pet. If you choose a dog as a running buddy, you must have the time and patience to attend to the dog’s needs. You must also be aware of the differences in the running capacity of different breeds of dog.

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