Sean Penn Plays a Brilliant Harvey ‘Milk’

1977 was a memorable year and we have two movies this year to remind us of that. ‘Frost/Nixon’ and ‘Milk’. Harvey Milk is remembered as the first gay man to be elected to public office. He became part of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and his victory brought about a revolution in human rights, not just gay rights alone.

Sean Penn is Harvey Milk and the movie well and truly belongs to him. I’m no expert, but I think this is one of his best performances to date. Penn convincingly portrays Milk’s astuteness, sweetness, determination, and courage.

Milk’s journey starts when he moves to San Francisco from New York. He and partner Scott Smith (James Franco) open a camera store in Castro Street. This store goes on to become the hub of activity for Milk’s election attempts and he goes on to become the Mayor of Castro Street.

The movie really gives you a feel of the change they’re trying to bring about. Milk was murdered in 1978 by Dan White, a San Francisco Supervisor too and Josh Brolin is brilliant as White. The film is executed so well that even all these years later, you find yourself teary-eyed and wishing all the good people didn’t just die out on us!

Ask any gay person and they will tell you San Francisco is a gay man’s dream town. Go to any gay site and they will list a million activities you can do in San Francisco. Harvey Milk may not have started it all, but he added a lot to it. This movie is a portrayal of a hero who brought great change, and reclaimed democracy.

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