Selecting Seed Types and Basic Feeding

Feeding birds is one of the nicest hobbies to do though it requires a lot of patience and effort. The most challenging part of taking care of birds is feeding them.

Feeding birds can be beneficial both to them and to you. While they are feeding, you can have a great time watching them. The suitable time for bird feeding is the winter season because during this time, the natural supply of food is inadequate. But still, even in spring and summer, some other species of birds from other areas that are migrating or nesting also visit feeders. For you to keep the birds coming to feed, it is very necessary to give them these three important elements: provide them with various types of quality seed, fresh source of water for bathing and drinking, and sufficient cover, which, if possible, must be provided by plants. Be reminded also that bird feeders are possibly at risk of exposing themselves to disease and predation and collision of windows. There are some tips for safely feeding and attracting birds like having appropriate kinds of feeders, placing the feeder in the proper location, and maintaining it. Another one, which is very essential, is choosing the proper seed type for feeding.

Birds differ as to what type of seed they are attracted to, so it is better to provide various seed types in separate feeders. Its is also important to remember that, for you to attract birds that you like the most, you must prepare the suitable type of seed for them.

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