Semi Pro

Will Ferrell’s comedy flick does not impress much with its flat and tasteless attempt to create a sports satire. Although the subject of the movie seems to be pretty clever and the intention too seems to have been intelligent, the final outcome is pathetic.

Will Ferrell has been known for some famous comedies from the past such as Blades of Glory and Talladega Nights. Although these comedies have been reasonably successful, in my opinion they lack in substance. Ferrell often seems to come up with a character that is macho, powerful and inflated with ego, though seriously lacking in any worthy mental capacities.

The film is set in a sports world and Ferrell is in his typical element, eager to please the audience with his usual masculine antics and mindless humour. The puns are flat, the jokes are insipid and the overall impact of the movie is zero. Even if you are an avid sports fan and watch everything related to sports, I would like to warn you to keep away from this badly made film.

The film revolves around the American Baseball Association and the events involving the teams.

This is surely a film to avoid for its flimsy putting together of scenes- as if everything was done in a real hurry and movie making is all about making money. Yes, true commercial profit needs to be one of the main things about the movie making business. What about creativity, imagination and substance, Should not all this be part of the package too, Well I guess I should be asking this to Ferrell!

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