Sex and the City (2008)

Anyone familiar with the popular TV series, ‘Sex and the City’ will be more than curious to check out what the film version of it would be like. I am a great fan of this TV series, and naturally found myself pretty eager to watch the film.
You may be wondering, how was my experience, I feel sorry for all the ‘Sex in the City’ devoted fans that eagerly look forward to a fantastic film version of their favourite TV series. The film is, to say the very least, a real big disappointment. It has nothing of the fresh appeal of the original TV episodes and fails to deliver a strong story line.
I was really aghast at the quality of the script and storyline. It felt like nothing was really moving forward and I kept waiting till the very end expecting something really spectacular to happen, and it never did!
The only thing this film has in common with the TV series is the identity of the various characters. Other than that it turns out to be a really weak and flimsy resemblance of the popular sitcom. The film has no depth and the story was so meaningless that anyone could have written something worthier. The film is definitely devoid of the heart and soul that so characterizes a good work of art.
The background score of the film is also something that disappoints. It looked like some scenes were meant to endorse popular products, making the audience mere puppets of consumerism and altogether forgetting the values of good film- making.

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