Sex or Love,

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether sex is just sex or if it’s in the name of love. Hormones are raging, emotions are flying and all sorts of questions remain unanswered. Read to learn some tips on how to tell the difference between sex and lovemaking.

The first clue that the act is only about sex is if you are being pressured to do it. Sure, everyone has the urge, but an adult can control the urge and not pressure someone else to do something they are uncomfortable with. The second clue is any sort of abandonment that follows the denial of sex. If the act was being committed out of love, the person who requested it wouldn’t be walking away from the one they love. Not only that, but someone who cannot accept the word no is not adult enough to even be contemplating having sex in the first place or to be professing a love they know nothing about.

The fact is that if a person seeks to get closer to another person, they will not ever pressure them to do something that may violate their morals. High levels of intimacy can easily be obtained without the act of sex being involved. Individuals who are being pressured to have sex should consider all the facts before making a life altering choice to commit the act of sex. Adults who feel genuine love for each other do not pressure each other, but simply go at a pace that is comfortable for them both.

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