Should you choose to wear dress gloves,

Veils and headpieces are of course popular to wear with a wedding gown but more recently dress gloves have become a common dress accessory for brides. There are many different styles available, including wrist length gloves that only cover the hand through to opera length gloves that pull up just past the elbow. Gloves are available in a range of beautiful fabrics including satin and lace. Traditionally gloves were white in colour but a wide range of colours is available these days to complement the colour of your outfit.

Wrist length gloves are the shortest glove available that just cover the hand and stop just over the wrist. A perfect choice if your dress is long sleeved and you just want your hands covered. These are not as formal as the longer gloves and do add an air of sophistication to your outfit.

If you choose to wear elbow length gloves then these will cover just over your elbow. Due to the length of these gloves your upper arms will be a focal point. These work particularly well if your gown is strapless or is short sleeved.

For even longer gloves you can choose opera length gloves. This style is the most formal. These can reach nearly the shoulder. If your big day is a very formal affair and you want to wear impressive dress gloves then opera length gloves are the best choice.

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