Should you play pranks on the groom at a stag party,

In time-honoured tradition, the groom has always been subject of a prank at his stag party. Should you do this or should you not is now a question that many stag party groups face. The appeal of this is always tempting, but the wrong kind of prank can cause all sorts of consequences for both the groom and the stag group.

One of the oldest and the best is to handcuff the groom to a lamppost and pull down his trousers and underwear. This causes deep embarrassment to the groom, which is the desired effect, while everyone else gets a great laugh. Remember though, that some grooms will take this better than others and an unforgiving police officer can and will arrest the groom for indecent exposure. It goes without saying that this has far-reaching consequences.

Another popular choice is to get the groom drunk and put him on a train. Somewhere distant is always a popular choice and the less he knows about it the better. Again, this has consequences and may result in an arrest of some kind. It is a guaranteed way of making the groom late for his own wedding should it be the next day.

So should you prank or not, Well it kind of goes with the territory to a degree, but good stag parties can be had without the groom looking silly and being tortured. Saying that, seeing one of your friends trying to talk his way out of being arrested, when half naked and handcuffed is very, very funny.

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