Single-point Needles and Double-point or Double-Pointed Needles

Knitting is one of the hobbies that many mothers enjoy. In knitting, different types of needles are used for a more artistic and challenging needlework. These needles differ from one another in terms of shape, size and material used. In purchasing a knitting needle, the diameter and length of the needle should be considered. The use of these needles depends on the particular type of knitting you want to come up with.

The most commonly used needle in knitting is the single-point. This kind of needle is straight and rigid, explaining why it is also called a Straight Needle. It looks like a stick with a narrow, tapered end and a stopper on the other end. The narrow end allows its user to insert the needle in the existing stitches, while the stop prevents the needle from slipping out. The single point needle is best in knitting flat fabrics and variety of designs or patterns. The narrow and pointed end of the needle has a cap that indicates its size. Usually, they are made of steel, plastic, aluminium or wood.

Double-point or Double-Pointed Needles are another knitting needle made from the same materials as the single-pointed needles. A double point needle is commonly used to create seamless items like sleeves, mittens, or socks. The size or number of the needle depends on the circumference of the item where the needle will be used. In some knitting instructions in books and on the internet, they refer to double-pointed needle as “dp”. Like any other needles, dp comes in different sizes and lengths that are useful for a variety of functions.

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