Small Greek Domestic Dog – Dog Breed Information and Pictures

The Small Greek Domestic Dog is a very ancient breed. They come from Greece and are descendents of the Meliteo Kinidio dog breed also sometimes known as the Hellenic dog breed. The Small Greek Domestic Dog can be traced back through this relationship to Ancient Greece. The dogs can be seen in relief paintings and other art from those times. Because of this, the Small Greek Domestic Dog is one of the oldest dog breeds. Not only that, they are a very common dog in Greece today. They were once believed to be in the same breed category as the Alopekis dog breed although this is no longer the case. The Small Greek Domestic Dog is much more popular than the Alopekis and makes quite a companion.

Small Greek Domestic Dogs have been traditional pets in Greek households for centuries. They have sweet dispositions. They are neither aggressive nor timid. They are friendly and loving to their family. While the Small Greek Domestic Dog may be wary of strangers at first, they are quick to become friends with the newcomer once they warm up to them. For all of these reasons, the Small Greek Domestic Dog has become a popular pet in Greece.

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Small Greek Domestic Dogs are small, which is why they have this name. They tend to weigh between 9 and 12 kilograms. This makes them relatively easy to pick up and hold. They can be either long haired or short haired although a long coat is more common.

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