Sports injuries – 2

Exercise and sports can cause injury to practically any part of the body. Symptoms related to the most often caused sports injuries are:
Sprains – These refer to a pull or tear in the ligament tissue, which holds bones together. Symptoms of sprains are pain associated with swelling and bruising of the affected area. The movement in the affected area gets restricted. Sprains are quite common and can be resolved with rest and anti-inflammation drugs.
Strains – These refer to a stretch, tear or twist in the tendon or muscle. Tendons are narrow and strong tissue at the muscle ends which connect it to bones. These are caused mainly when muscles get strained, that is, they are over-contracted or overstretched beyond limit. The related symptoms are those of pain, reduction in muscle strength and muscular spasms. Strains occur commonly in sports involving jumping, running and sudden changes of direction.
Tennis elbow – This is caused due to repeated movement of lower arm muscles and causes symptoms like pain with elbow movement, sensitivity around elbow area and swelling in the outer part of elbow because of inflammation of the tendon. Treatment can be done with anti-inflammatory medications, cortisone injections or an elbow splint for support.
Golfer’s elbow – This injury has a similar set of symptoms as the tennis elbow, the only difference being that the swelling occurs on the inner side of the elbow based on the arm movement specific to golf.
Jogger’s nipple – This is a form of dermatitis occurring in the nipple area due to continual rubbing of clothes against the nipple. Applying petroleum jelly in the nipple area before going for the sport can help in prevention of the problem. In case the condition does occur, hydrocortisone cream can be applied to relieve symptoms.
Runner’s knee – This is caused by continuous and repeated effect, on the knees, of running on rigid surfaces. The symptoms include swelling in chondromalacia or back of the knee cap and a grating feeling in the knee.
Blisters – These are small serum-filled swellings caused by abrasion on skin. Blisters are commonly occurring injuries for athletes in running and football. Rowers develop blisters on their palms due to constant rubbing action with rowing sticks.
Head Injuries – these injuries are common with athletes involved in sports like boxing, hockey, rugby and football. This can cause symptoms like concussion and progress into brain damage. If the blow on the head is not so severe as to cause skull fracture, it can still cause the brain to bang against the skull leading to major damage. Other symptoms include dizziness, nausea, and loss of consciousness, light-headedness and sickness. Medical treatment is important when one experiences these signs of concussion.
Tendonitis – This is a condition caused by strain, tear or overuse of a tendon. Tendonitis causes symptoms of swelling, pain, redness and restriction in movement in the affected area. In some cases, one can see visible exterior changes like a lump formation or change in position of the affected limp.
Shin splints – Shin is referred to the front bone of the lower leg between the ankle and knee. Shin splints are experienced when there is an inflammation and micro-fractures on the shin bone surface. These are associated with pain in the affected area. Causes are sports like running on hard surfaces or in improper shoes which do not provide proper support to the ankle and foot. Shin splints can also occur during rigorous and continuous training sessions.

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