Start a Bee Keeping Business With These Supplies

bee keeping equipment

Bee-keeping is the best way of generating honey for the use of the family, and it also provides wax and related bee products to be sold and produced into other usable items. To begin your bee-keeping business, you are not going to need a large area to venture on bees profitably and successfully. Hives can be stored or placed in a small area in the garden or on the roof, or even in a tiny backyard or balcony.

Bees should be kept in places with rich plant-producing nectars, such as clover. Thus the ideal place is where oilseed rape is produced, which is the typical favourite of bees. Moreover, rape nectar can produce high yields of honey, and is able to produce 300 pounds of honey each just within a single season.

Successful bee-keeping entails understanding and knowing the bees, their needs, and what intervention they will tolerate from you. Beekeeping also demands regular care, time, skill, maintenance, and knowledge, just like other animal husbandry. The one vital difference is that bees are not domesticated animals; they are wild creatures. They work for man and even with man, but do not need humans, and remain within the hive as it suits them.

Moreover, Langstroth hive is the usual model of hive with its most essential feature, the brood chamber, which is a wooden box filled with a wax foundation as frames that are arranged vertically. It has a familiar honeycomb model where the queen lays eggs and the colony stores food. When the chamber is filled, extra chambers having ‘supers’ are added, in which surplus honey and food are stored.

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