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Starting a Dog Breeding Business

Starting up as a dog breeder can be expensive as you will have many initial outlays to consider. You will need to have a room or building for your kennel as well as paying for equipment, heating and lighting. You will need insurance for your property that covers its use as a business and also liability insurance. If you are to breed dogs for sale you will need to get a licence from your local council.

The definition of dog breeding for licensing purposes is the sale of puppies from four or more litters. The litters can be from the same mother or another bitch owned by you or kept in your house. If you are unsure, you should ask the dog warden at your local council for advice.

You will also need to spend money buying the dogs you need and you will need to consider the expenses associated with their health and upkeep, especially those very expensive vet bills. Remember that female dogs will eat a lot more when pregnant. If you only have bitches, you will need to consider stud fees. Using a stud dog does help avoid inbreeding but the stud dog will need to come with health guarantees which, while necessary, will push up the fee. Pure breed dogs and puppies will need to be registered with the Kennel Club and all dogs should be fitted with a microchip. Finally you must also consider the possibility that the puppies won’t sell.