Student Support

When you are at university you should never feel that you are alone. There are thousands of other young people in exactly the same situation as you, and sometimes you might need some advice from someone impartial.

Your university is able to provide you with support in many areas of your life, be it to do with your education or your outside life. All institutions will have a student support centre, and this provides advice and help in welfare and other areas. They can give you advice on health, education, finance, employment, housing, as well as many other issues. Most institutions also provide counselling completely free of charge.

You can also go to your Student Union for further advice. Most have a dedicated student support officer. This person is a student who is elected to the position, and it may help to speak with someone that is closer to you in age and lifestyle. They can also provide advice on areas of student welfare, as well as acting on your behalf within grievances you may have against the university.

Student Unions also sometimes provide drop-in clinics with police officers. Here you can get first-hand advice on issues of crime and anti-social behaviour within your area. Other clinics provided might include talks from mental health, sexual health, housing and financial professionals.
Whiatever the case, you should always know that a wealth of advice is on hand to help you. Talk to someone if you have a problem – a problem shared is a problem halved.

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