Student Unions

Most universities (but not all) have Student Unions (SU). The SU is there to provide support to students and give them advice in areas such as sexual health, housing and study support.

They are also a place for socialising, with most having a bar, a cafe and a nightclub, as well as live music. They are usually part of the National Union of Students – which means that their services are only open to students.

The management of the SU is made up of a team of permanent staff, as well as elected student officers each year. Student elections are held for the position of Student President and several others such as Vice-President of Student Support, Vice-President of Communications etc.

If a person wishes to run for one of the higher positions they must be in their final year of study. They are then free to take up the position in the following academic year on a paid full time basis. However, there also exists several positions that are on a voluntary part-time basis that can be undertaken alongside study.

Getting involved at the SU is a great way to meet new people, as well as to get experience on your CV. There is usually a range of media for students to get involved in, such as student radio or a newspaper.

The SU will also give advice when you are having an issue with the university, and the SU will act on your behalf in resolving the complaint.

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