When you first go to college or university you will be tempted to use up all your time partying and then recovering. Try and remember however that you are there to learn – and hopefully gain a qualification.

The level of work required of students at college and university is very intense, and is often the reason for people dropping out. However, with preparation in advance hopefully you will not get overwhelmed with the amount of essays, presentations and exams that you have to complete.

The best way to prepare yourself is learning how to manage your time effectively. It is no good if you leave your work until the last minute. You should be thinking about and planning your work as soon as you are given the assignment. Don’t push it to the bottom of the pile to make it go away. That deadline will come around sooner than you think.

Make use of your college/university library. If you go there to do your revision or work then you are less likely to be distracted. Procrastination is often a student’s downfall, and the less temptation around to sidetrack you the better. Also, turn your phone off while you are there. That way none of your friends will be able to call to invite you down the pub.
The most effective method of revising is to write down the answers again and again. It is no good you just reading and trying to remember things. You need to exercise your brain and get the information to stay in there.

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