Taigan – Dog Breed Information and Pictures

While the current country of origin for the Taigan dog breed is Kyrgyzstan, they actually spent time moving through Northern Africa and Central Asia during the early years of the breed. The Taigan, also known as the Kyrgyz Sighthound, was used as a hunter and guard dog by the nomadic tribes called the Kyrgyz. Since these tribes spent much of their time in motion, the Taigan dog would often help guard not only the people and their possessions, but their livestock as well.

Because they have such a good sense of sight, Taigan dogs are of the sight hound hunting type. They are very fast and can run at their foes for long periods of time, tiring out their prey. They would hunt deer, wolves, foxes, and hares. Since they spent a lot of time in the Tian Shan mountain ranges, they are very good at traversing cliffs and rough terrain.

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The size and shape of the Taigan resembles that of a Greyhound. They are lean and muscular with a sleek physique and an athletic build. The Taigan dog’s height ranges from 60 to 65 centimetres tall with the females having a slightly shorter average height than the males. Unlike Greyhounds, the Taigan’s coat is long and soft. They are most commonly a mixture of black and white fur, although they can also be completely black, grey, or brown. They can also be yellow and white. Though a warm and friendly family pet, this breed needs plenty of outdoor space in which to exercise.

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