The All on 4 dental implants process

Denture problems and missing teeth are one of the main reasons people turn to dental implants. They are a very effective solution and provide long-term results that feel like normal teeth. Dentist use them to replace the root of a tooth which is missing, substituting it with a titanium implant. The implant is then positioned in a pre-drilled hollow in the jawbone before teeth are attached. This method will give you back one fully functional tooth, but the newer all on 4 dental implants are different.

All on 4 implants enable your dentist to fit a set of four to six teeth, using just four implants. To get it right, he or she will need to determine which angle will provide most support for the new teeth and keep them completely stable. For full mouth dental implants especially, the process can be quite time-consuming. Here’s a look at what to expect if you decide to get the treatment.

In the first instance, before you even get to the dentist’s chair, you will be invited into the surgery for a consultation. This is your opportunity to speak with the team who will be completing the work in more depth, so you can ask questions about the price of dental implants and let them know if you have any concerns. During this initial meeting, the dentist will determine whether you are suitable for implants.  They will establish whether you will need any teeth removed and explain how the treatment will be carried out. If you are both happy and in agreement, an appointment will be made for the fitting.

The second step involves fitting the implants, these are placed at a very specific angle to achieve optimal hold. The front two are implanted at a 90-degree angle, while the back two are set at a 45-degree angle, this supports the teeth, but also allows your gums to heal quickly.

Once the implants are in place, a set of devices called abutments will be attached. These small supports connect the titanium implant to the new crowns. When they are anchored into place, the crowns will be fastened on. Your dentist can assess how natural they look and how well they fit, before making any necessary adjustments.

Dental implants cost a significant amount, but part of that is made up of the aftercare package. Once the implants are in place and you are ready to leave, you will be asked to set up a series of appointments over the coming six months. These visits allow your dentist to check on how the treatment is progressing. After this time, the gum should have completely healed around the implant and inside it will have joined with the bone. When you attend a final visit, your permanent restorations can be attached.

All on 4 can be a more affordable dental implant because just four implants are used to support a whole arch of teeth, rather than one for each tooth. The secret is in the careful positioning which locks the implants together. As it’s such a fast procedure, it is often referred to as offering ‘teeth in a day’, plus, with fewer sockets to drill, it’s far less invasive for the patient. You’ll get a new smile faster and recover sooner than you would if you opted for traditional implants.

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