The basic elements of the short story (importance)

Story writing is a challenging job or hobby for anyone. We can show our creativity and interests in writing stories, and the short story format is the easiest type of writing one can engage in. Nevertheless, short stories should be readable, lovable, entertaining and meaningful. The elements of the story should be used efficiently to keep things terse yet compelling.

In writing, the writer must have passion and patience for the idea he or she is committing to paper. Since the first step is to write a first draft, disregard the rules of organized writing and write all the ideas that come into your head. Believe in what you write and use words that describe the story, be it from your personal experience or from your observations. Be conscious of what you are writing; doing so will teach you about how to become a good writer. After the first draft, always remember to revise it. This time, the rules of organization should be followed, and only the essential idea should be the content of the story. Look and analyse your work: Does it have the basic elements for a short story, First is the plot; every story should have a conflict or course of events. Second is the theme, which refers to the overall point or lesson of the story. Is it preachy or narrative, A good story expresses its own concepts without the idea of instructing the readers to do something, but to allow them to learn the lessons by themselves. When it comes to the characters, they should have a bit of introductory information that ultimately hints to the denouement of the story. And the last element is the conclusion, which ends the story, though sometimes opening a new beginning.