The Best and Worst Style for a Square Face Shape

Do you have a square-shaped face, If you have a strong jaw line, consider yourself popular because most square-shaped faces are considered beautiful. Find out if you have a good or a bad hairstyle.

A tapered bob cut with sides swept bangs is a great hair style for a square face. It angles the jaw, making the jaw line appear softer and the side-swept bangs softer than blunt bangs.

Maria Shriver wears a classic square long layer haircut, which is perfect for square faces. The layer starts at the jaw line and continues downward.

Soft curls are a good haircut for a square face. Curls around the face are great for such faces. Be sure that the ends are not cut straight. If you have curly hair, keep the length below your jaw line.

Why don’t you give your hair some wave, Waves can make your angular features look softer. If your hair is super straight, try curling your hair by using a curling iron. Comb it with your fingers and finish it with a holding spray.

Blunt bangs and one-length bobs are the worst haircut for a square face shape. Blunt-cut bangs with the bob makes a square face more square.

A severe ponytail is a bad style because all hair is pulled back from the face, making the square shape more apparent.
The pixie cut can make your hair worse because it emphasises the shape of the face. Straight across cuts should be avoided!

So, you are aware now of the best and the worst hairstyles for square-shaped faces. Now you know what hairstyle fits you.

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