The Best Exercises for Mothers and Kids

Regardless of the season you are in and the age of your child, there are numerous sports and exercises suitable for both you and your child. To help you find the best one for you, here are some smart ideas you can choose from.

If your child is a preschooler, you can both join a gymnastic or dance class and the both of you will surely enjoy the rest of the session. Your child will learn how to do rolling or tumbling on the mat safely, to sing properly and to move along with the music. You can also take your child to the park and let him/her enjoy running around and playing on the swings.

For grade-schoolers, plan hiking or nature trails and let your child choose the route. With this, he/she will learn how to determine the type of terrain, the time needed for the hike and the equipment you will surely need. You can also make riding a bike with your child a habit. You can do biking together when going to school or to the supermarket.

During cold weather, go to the nearest ice-skating rink and spend the day with your child there.

For teenagers, the best exercise is to have a dancing session together. Learn some of the latest moves from your child and at the same time, teach him/her your retro moves.

If you want other outdoor pursuits, you and your child can do surfing or enjoy riding on a horse. You can also try doing creative sports together.