The Cycle of Writing Poems

Is there any pattern in writing poems or can writing a poem be standardized, These questions can be answered affirmatively as oftentimes poets keep their poems in different stages of completion. These stages call for different skills on the part of the poets. Furthermore, the duty of a poet, particularly a professional one, is to satisfy his intended audience through the words and phrases that he will use in his poems. This is normally in accordance with the pattern that most publishers give the poets to work with.

The following cycle is often observed by poets in making their poems. First is the establishment of the theme. After the theme is established, the poet then makes his first draft wherein he gives shape to the poem. Then comes the evaluation of the previous stages where the poem is analyzed from different points of view. The poem is then polished, and the opinions of one or more readers are often taken into consideration.

After the above-mentioned stages are undertaken, the poem is then submitted for publication. Most of the time, the poem is printed in small specialty magazines. In such way, it can generate interest and gain a reputation for the author from the poem’s readers.

In this cycle, the right magazines should be approached for publication, with the poem to be submitted adhering to their individual publication standards.

The last part of the cycle is that the author’s poetry will be made known to other readers as well as enthusiasts through poetry groups, networking and other groups concerned with poetry. This last part of the cycle is often omitted, but it should be deemed of much importance, especially for commercial poems.

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