The Dangers and Risks of Alcohol

While you are at university drinking alcohol may become a big part of your social life. There are many different student nights and promotions that will be trying to get you to come and spend your cash, and it will be difficult to resist the cheap prices on offer.

It is possible to enjoy yourself and be responsible while drinking alcohol. It may be tempting to try to keep up with everyone else. However, you should remember that everyone is different and you should pace yourself and drink slowly. The recommended daily allowance for a healthy male adult is 3-4 units per day. This is equivalent to 2/3 pints of medium strength lager. For females it is no more than 2-3 units per day.

Unfortunately over the years there have been many incidents of students getting carried away and drinking to excess. This has resulted in hospital admissions and even death. You can help yourself and your friends by keeping an eye on each other, and not continuing to drink when you have had enough.

Remember that if someone is under the influence of alcohol and concerning you, do not leave them alone. They could easily choke on their own vomit if they were to be sick. Lay them on their side and if necessary call an ambulance. If they are awake, do not give them coffee as this will not sober them up – only keep them awake. Make them eat some food and drink plenty of water.

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