The Dentist (poem)

The poem ‘The Dentist’ was written by Patrick Winstanley. He categorised it as a family poem following the style of nonsense verse. ‘The Dentist’ is included in his collection of funny poetry, which contains more than 60 original, short, hilarious poems for adults and teenagers. This Winstanley collection of funny short poems is basically intended for readers who want to be entertained However, the variety of subjects and styles makes his poems excellent educational material for pre-school and also school age children. For further clarity, each poem is classified according to its subject matter. Here is the poem ‘The Dentist.’

“An appointment with the dentist

Who said, ‘Now open wide’

And once he’d prised my jaws apart

He deftly jumped inside

He mountaineered over molars

Trampolined on my tongue

Then quickly jumped back out again

And said That’s it, you’re done.”

‘The Dentist’ is categorised by Patrick Winstanley as a family poem. It depicts domestic life and family relationships. Some of his family poems are based on personal life experience, while others are just fantasy. Most of his poems are cute enough to catch the interest of readers.

‘The Dentist’ depicts a child who had an appointment with a dentist. Children are usually afraid of dentists because of the idea of pain, long needles, and the likes. But this poem features a definitely pain free and unusual visit to a dentist.

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